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New tracking system technical features

1. Control program: adopts GPS positioning + clock control.

2. Control accuracy: adopts multi-stage speed reduction. Reduction-gear ratio reaches 5300001 with small power consumption, mighty torque and smooth operation; tracking system adopts open loop timer control program and operates without being disturbed from cloud, rain, haze and other light sources. Permanent magnetic in driving box will erase daily tracking errors.

3. Central control: Central control system includes wind speed sensor, GPS module, and human-computer interface. Wind speed sensor will alarm if instantaneous wind speed 24m/s and the central control system will adjust solar modules to wind resistance status. GPS module will revise basis time of all controllers every day to erase potential error. Technician can set the whole arrays preparation tracking angle, start (stop) tracking angle, tracking frequency, shadow avoidance angle via human-computer interface. Also, combining with weather report, arrays status can be adjusted to resist wind, wash module by rain and snow protection etc.

4. Major frame: Q235/345 steel tube, thickness > 3.0mm, hot-dipped galvanizing >65m block-based design,  high universal property, convenient transportation, fast installation.

5. Rotation spares: Stainless steel 304, free maintenance, suitable for harsh weather, no need for caring for 25 years.

6. Driving device: aluminum made worm speed reducer case and gear box, protection grade: IP65. Running at a very low speed brings no heat and less abrasion.

7. Vulnerable parts: standard design, low maintenance cost

    a. Gear motor: universal 24V/1.2A DC gear-box motor, designed lifespan: > 1500 hours, daily efficient operating time is 40 minutes, operation life is 3-5 years; replacing gear-box is very convenient to replace and just need to disassemble 6 screws, can be done by non-technician. 

    b. Control board: operation life is above 5 years, connector assembly, and fast replacement.